Sabine Jaeggi

Kirche im Prisma , Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland

Passion – multiplied in local leaders Over the last couple of years (from 2011 until 2014) I had several opportunities to gain an insight in some of the projects of HIMALAYAN LIFE in Nepal, such as Soup Kitchen and Shelter for the Street Kids in Pokhara, the recycling plant of HIMALAYAN LIFE PLASTICS, the ULLERI CHILDREN’S HOME and others. It is very touching and encouraging to see with how much passion and endurance all the Nepali staff members in those projects are engaged for the kids and young people. They invest their heart and time, sharing literally their lives with them. They are trained, supported and counselled by HIMALAYAN LIFE, in a way that helps them to go for the long haul, even through challenges and setbacks. The long-lasting effect of HIMALAYAN LIFE’s involvement can also be seen the lives of individual young people who – coming from difficult backgrounds and hurting past experiences – have grown to become stable and are given new perspectives, such as working and serving in the ministry among street kids. They are passing on to others the new hope and confidence they have found for themselves.   Sabine.jaeggi@prisma-online.org